School Of Science

Welcome to School of Science

Which was established in 1980 when the name of the College was changed from Advanced Teachers’ College to Lagos State College of Education at Onitolo, Surulere.

The School did not come into existence until 1982 when the College moved to the present site at Otto/Ijanikin. It commenced operation at the old laboratory in the College and at that time, it was called the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, which was made up of four (4) Departments namely:
  • Mathematical and Physical Sciences;
  • Chemical and Biological Sciences;
  • Agricultural Science; and
  • Physical and Health Education


In 1991, the School relocated from the old laboratory to the new, School of Sciences Complex that was built by the military Government and commissioned by Colonel Raji Rasaki, the then Military Governor of Lagos State. It was after this movement that the name of the School changed from Natural and Applied Sciences to the School of Sciences, under the headship of a Dean who was supported by two Sub-Deans, one for Natural Sciences and the other for Applied Sciences. During that time, the School had six (6) departments which were: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Integrated Sciences and Physical Health Education. The Computer Science Department was later established in 1993.


The objectives of the programme include:

  • enabling students gain the concept of the fundamental unity of Science;
  • instilling in students a commonality of approach to problems of scientific nature e. the scientific method;
  • increasing students’ understanding of the roles and functions of Science in everyday life and in the world in which they live;
  • making students well informed and scientifically literate;
  • enabling students acquire and demonstrate the intellectual competence and professional skills necessary for the teaching of Science in Primary and Junior Secondary Schools, as an inquiry based subject, in conformity with national curriculum;
  • developing in students the ability to impart and encourage the spirit of inquiry into living and non-living things in the environment;
  • developing the ability and motivation in students to work and think in an independent manner; and
  • enabling students to carry out scientific investigations, emphasizing co-operation, development of appropriate scientific processes and skills and improving their written and oral communication skills.

Scope & Responsibilities/Services Provided

  • Teaching, administration of tests and organization of: students’ week, football competitions, excursion and field trips.
  • The School also supports members of staff for conference attendance. At present, the School has one (1) member of staff on study leave that is being sponsored by Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund).