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Legal Unit


The Legal Unit from inception kicked off with the employment of Mrs. Arowolo, a Lawyer who left the services of the College for Lagos State University in 1997.

The exit of Lawyer Arowolo created a vacuum that led to the employment of two other Lawyers in 2000- Lawyer F. M. Awobiyi and Lawyer O. A. Ojeyomi.  Lawyer Ojeyomi later left the Unit to join the Lecturer Cadre leaving Lawyer Awobiyi as the head of the Unit under the office of the Provost.

The Legal Unit is positioned to give timely legal advice for the overall development of the College as a whole.


  • To serve as link and correspondence between the College and outside concerns.
  • To strive diligently in its function to prevent the College from unnecessary litigation.
  • To serve as legal body to major organs of the College.
  • To give well informed and timely legal advice to the College and various committees set up.
  • To provide all legal services for the benefit and development of the College generally.
  • To mediate among staff to prevent rancor in all ramification.
  • To enlighten staff and students on basic legal issues.


  • To attend to the legal needs of the Council, Management, Academic Board, Staff and Students.
  • To see a rancor free AOCOED.
  • To see a well legally informed AOCOED
  • To be the best legal Unit among contemporary Institutions’ Legal Units.


  • Effective advisory role in all ramifications.
  • Effective linkage between the College and Regulatory Bodies
  • Successful Declaration of Assets Exercise.
  • Successful Oath of Secrecy Exercise
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding between the College and External Linkages
  • Timely issuance of legal advice and prevention of litigation.
  • Litigation- free College since year 2000 till 2016.
  • Mediation between staff.